So, you’ve noticed that your edges are thinning out or your hairline is receding? This can be because of a number of factors, including over processing, very tight hairstyles (braiding, locks, tight ponytails, weaves) or from a lack of moisture.

In some instances, there is still hope of regaining edge growth. For starters, you should definitely give your hair and scalp a long break from harsh styling.

Next, try massaging the area with an oil to keep it moisturized. An added bonus would be to use products that contain oils which promote strong hair growth, such as Castor Oil in Nature’s Collection Miracle Growth Hair And Scalp Conditioner.

Have you monitored your diet? Our hair health can be a big tell tale of what our bodies are yearning for – be sure to drink enough water, eat your fruits & veggies and be sure that your hair loss is also not linked to a deficiency in iron!

Finally, a good head massage can help stimulate growth by helping with improved circulation. Using your fingertips, apply the following products without too much brushing:

  • Soft n Silky Olive Oil for dry hair and scalp therapy – this vitamin rich cream nourishes the hair shaft, promotes new hair growth and strengthens hair roots. It also softens and conditions hair while preventing fragility and split ends.
  • Soft n Silky Revitalizing Hair Food with Coconut Oil – coat your hair strands from roots to ends to nourish and revive dry and brittle hair.