Langston Roach Industries Ltd. (LRI) was founded by Mr. Langston Roach in 1985 and is a private, family-owned business. We currently manufacture and distribute an extensive range of products in the Household, Personal Care and Janitorial industries.

Our range of Household products include, but is not limited to, all-purpose household cleaners, dishwashing liquid, bathroom cleaners, liquid laundry detergent, fabric softeners, sponges and lighting. Our Personal Care products includes products like shampoos, conditioners and various hair dressings.

LRI directly markets its products to over two thousand (2,000) trade and commercial customers throughout Trinidad and Tobago through a full-time staff of highly trained sales and customer service professionals. Our distribution channels include all leading supermarkets, variety stores, cosmetic counters, hardware outlets and other retail establishments. Our company also serves customers throughout the Caribbean through distributors.

In our quest to sustain competitive advantage, LRI has developed excellent research capabilities. This allows us to constantly scan the external environment to be able to take advantage of business opportunities and defend against threats.

Innovation is the cornerstone of LRI’s operations, as the company has demonstrated the ability to continuously improve its product offerings to meet and exceed the changing tastes, expectations and lifestyles of consumers.